Physical Information for Student Athletes (Grades 7-12):

Getting ready for the 2021-22 Season

Dear Parents:
Hondo ISD is providing athletic physicals for our student athletes on Wednesday May 12th, 2021 (see schedule below). This event is being supported by Medina Regional Hospital in Hondo.  Athletes must report to the High School Activity Center at their designated time and must wear a mask at all times.

The coaches, nurses and I are in the process of pre-screening your child for: height, weight, blood pressure, and vision. Please keep in mind that only those that have been pre-screened and have their paperwork completed by Wednesday May 4th, 2021, will be allowed to have their physical completed.

Our local doctors and their physician assistants will administer the exams.

What is covered: Medical History, Basic Musculoskeletal/Medical/Cardio Screening and EKGs; for any flagged Medical Histories or EKG and an ECHO screening will be administered (See August Heart Release Form attached).

The physical packet can be found online at rankone parent link. The forms can be completed online or paper copies can be downloaded from the site. You can click on the QR code to go directly to site.

This Physical Packet includes necessary forms the athlete must have in order to participate in UIL activities next year. All forms need to be completed, signed and returned (regardless if they do not get a physical through the school) to their Coach or Athletic Trainer. Please review carefully because these forms have changed.

This packet includes:
● Cover Sheet-Vital information needed about physical procedures
● Team Doctor Release Form- Signatures are needed on both papers
● August Heart Release- Signatures are required
● UIL Forms- Acknowledgement of Rules front and back, UIL Steroid Agreement and UIL Concussion Form, UIL Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness form.
● Emergency Release Form- Signatures required
● Medical History/ Physical Form- Questions that have a ‘Yes’ reply must have an explanation and/or any doctor notes/ releases attached, also must be signed by the athlete and parent/ guardian.

The cost of the Physical  is $20. Cash only please.

Middle School students will need to prepay for their physical.


May 12th 2021 physicals start time: All High School Student Athletes at 3:30 All Middle School Student Athletes at 4:30 Athletes must wear T-shirts & shorts (Girls-must wear a Sports Bra)



Please take time to fill out the necessary paperwork completely. It is very important all forms are completed and signed in the appropriate places. Please have your child return their paperwork no later than Wednesday May 4th, 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation, Hondo ISD Athletic Department

Phone: 830-426-3341

Fax: 830-426-7691

QR code for Physical Forms


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Hondo ISD athletic trainer Sheldon White at or call 830-426-3133 and leave a detailed voicemail with your questions and he will call you back.


2020 Schedule

Head Coach:  Joe Cary

Asst. Head Coach/OL: Matt Sheppard

Offensive Coord./WR: Ryan Melancon

Defensive Coord./IL: Dustin Templin

Special Teams/DL: George Proctor

Running Backs: Cy Barr

Defensive Line: Dustin Baumann

Outside Linebackers: Garrett Gaskamp

Cornerbacks: David Trees

H Backs:  Robert Uribe

Offensive Line: Mitch Winchester

Safeties: Trinton Ynclan


2020 Schedule

Head Coach:  Alicia Gonzales

JV Coach:  Chad Kailipaka

Freshmen Coach: Chelsea Lara

Fall Tennis

Cross Country

2020 Schedule

Head Coach:  Gabe Cortez

Asst. Coach:  Kati McCullough

Girls' Basketball

2020-2021 Schedule

Head Coach:  Bailey Catalani

JV Coach:  Chelsea Lara

Freshmen Coach:  Chad Kailipaka

Boys' Basketball

2020-2021 Schedule

Head Coach:  Dustin Baumann

JV Coach:  Ramon Buruato

Freshmen Coach: Ryan Melancon



2021 Schedule

Coach:  Matt Shepperd

Asst. Coach:  Krisit Murdoch


2021 Schedule

Head Coach:  Efren Gonzales

Asst. Coach:  Bailey Catalani 

Asst. Coach:  Chelsea Lara


2021 Schedule

Head Coach:  Mitch Winchester

Asst. Coach:  Robert Uribe

Asst. Coach:  Garrett Gaskamp


2021 Schedule

Boys' Head Coach:  Dustin Templin

Girls' Head Coach:  April Barr

Asst. Coaches:  Cy Barr, George Proctor, David Trees, & Gabe Cortez


2021 Schedule

Head Coach:  Chris Schulte

Asst. Coach:  Ramon Buruato