Craig Scott
Value Up
Value Up Directors

Parent & Community Event

Thursday, August 22nd


HS Cafeteria


Craig Scott is a survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting. He was in the most intense scene of the shooting, the library, where 10 students were killed including two of his friends next to him under a table. He also lost his sister, Rachel, that day. Since then he has been traveling sharing his life-changing story and powerful lessons to help schools and communities become a better place. He speaks on the value of human life, resiliency, and how to turn pain into purpose. His presentations have reached over a million people. Craig has had numerous appearances on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and many others. His life mission is to help people understand their intrinsic value and the intrinsic value of others.

Hondo High School and McDowell Middle School are excited to welcome Craig to our school and community. He is hosting a multi-media presentation to the entire student body, breakout sessions with students, and a staff development presentation throughout the day. We welcome all parents and any interested community members to his additional community presentation and parent night held in the evening.

Mike Donahue


Mike Donahue is the executive director and founder of Value-Up, a nonprofit organization based in Colorado, that is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people. In the last decade, Mike is one of the most sought after speakers in the country on the subject of respect, bullying, and diversity. His candid style and authentic persona keep the students engaged right from the first words. Mike hails from Boston, MA, and was a member of the United States Air Force. He began his career as a youth director and youth pastor in Rockford, IL, Denver, CO, and Bellevue, NE. He is the father of four children.

Mike Donahue has spoken to more than one million students. He has spent the last 25 years working hand in hand with young people all over the world, helping them find purpose and define themselves as they navigate the often- difficult transition from childhood to adulthood. In addition to traveling the United States, Asia, South America, and Europe speaking to young people, Mike has authored four books: Reinventing My Normal, Hidden Scars, Talking to Brick Walls, and his newest book, Value Up.


Mike says his life mission is to help young people find the answer that is already inside of them, and to help them find the courage to face whatever it is that is holding them back from experiencing greatness.

Environment is very important to the success of young people. When teenagers feel physically and socially safe, they thrive. Value Up exists to help schools develop and maintain a healthy climate. Here is what we are saying to students Everyone has value including you! Take time to invest in yourself! Substance abuse can be self medication for deeper issues. Digital citizenship. Managing social media to be positive. Everyone has a story. Walk a mile in other people's shoes. A true leader knows the difference between being liked and being respected. Having the courage to do the right thing when it matters. What they are saying about us "Social anxiety among teenagers is a huge issue today which manafests itself in so many negative ways. Value Up addresses the social aspects of school like no other program I have ever seen. They were excellent." Matt Hamilton, East Jordan Ml "After being in countless activities, assemblies and speakers over 13 years, Value Up was the most impactful program we have ever scheduled." Russ Sojourner, TCA CO "I am quite sure that in my 15 year career in education, I have heard a minimum of 20 motivational presentations either at teacher orientations or student leadership events. There is no doubt in my mind that Value Up is the very best I have ever heard." Kerby Baier, Wright WY "Value Up does not just simply note the symptoms of an unhealthy school environment and undesirable behaviors we battle in our schools and communities, It also provides a systematic approach on how to make the necessary changes. Value Up is a road map for positive change." Matt Dunning, Rawlings County HS KS All quotes were from either the 2016-17 or 2017-18 school year